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materials for feedingstuffs
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  the aim of this directive is to harmonise the national rules applicable to the circulation and use of feed materials , so that they represent no danger to animal or human health or to the environment and are not marketed, or put into circulation * in a manner liable to mislead.
  feed materials may not be put into circulation unless a number of particulars, which must be properly visible, legible and indelible and for which the producer, packer, importer, seller or distributor, established within the community, shall be held responsible, are shown on an accompanying document or, where appropriate, on the packaging, on the container or on a label attached thereto.
  this information must not be misleading. it includes the name and description of the material concerned, the name and address of the producer and of the person responsible for these particulars, the approval number and any other particular allowing the material to be traced, where the establishment needs to be approved under community legislation. where a batch of the product is divided, these particulars must be repeated on each division of the batch.
  in certain cases the directive permits derogations from the requirements on the particulars above.
  the directive also sets out a non-exhaustive list of the main feed materials (annex b). the materials on this list may circulate only under the names specified therein and on condition that they correspond to the descriptions given therein. this list may be adjusted to take account of the latest developments in scientific or technical knowledge.
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